Miracle Cream

Our Miracle Cream is our number one product. It was made with love and care with the aim to care for most of your battle wounds. If you want our all-natural healing solution, it can be yours for a reasonable price.


Miracle Mist 2 oz Atomizer

Our Miracle Mist is one of our most popular. Great for burns, scrapes, deep cuts. Works great when paired with Miracle Cream.


Neuropathy Cream

Try Neuropathy Cream by Heritage Skin Foods for pain caused by diabetic neuropathy either once Miracle Cream is absorbed into skin, or on its own.


Comfrey Salve

Comfrey Salve is for pain caused by a broken bone or torn or damaged ligaments, tendons, and muscles, add Comfrey Salve by Heritage Skin Foods to enhance bone mending properties of comfrey in Miracle Mist & Cream.* *None of these statements have been evaluated or approved by the FDA.


Smudge Bundle

These smudge bundles are hand-tied with hemp string with love by yours truly, Oddy. The herbs are a mix of Chamiso, 4-Winged Saltbrush, and Sagebrush. These bundles create a lot of sweet-smelling smoke. – Size: 14 inch


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